Wine Tastings

At the SEKI Cellar wine tastings wine lovers will not only have an opportunity to discover the exceptional tastes of Cappadocia wines produced on its extraordinary terroir that developed as a result of the harsh climate, Kızılırmak River and volcanic tuff, but they will also have a chance to taste Turkish wines from other regions as well as our wines that are produced with local grapes. Moreover, guests will be able to sense the aura of the mystical atmosphere of the cellar that has been the resting place of Anatolian wines that date back thousands of years.

If you would like to try the unique grapes of the Cappadocia region or other wines produced with local grapes from other parts of Turkey,various wine tasting sets are offered.

Cappadocia Wines Tasting Set:
Emir (Turasan-Argos bağları)
Narince (Kocabağ)
Côtes dAvanos Narince-Chardonnay (Kavaklıdere)
Blush (Vinolus )
Kalecik Karası (Turasan – Argos bağları)
Syrah (Turasan – Argos bağları)

Local Grapes Wine Tasting Set:
Sultaniye (Büyülübağ)
Emir (Turasan – Argos bağları)
Narince (Kavaklıdere Prestige)
Öküzgözü (Doluca Tuğra)
Kalecik Karası (Turasan –Argos bağları)
Boğazkere (Kavaklıdere-Pendore)