Recipe of the Month


200 gr veal steak fillet
100 gr strained yoghurt
1 pitta bread (flat brad)
200 gr butter
50 gr tomato paste
1 green pepper
2 gr salt
1 skewer
50 ml sunflower oil

Julien the fillets and spit on the skewer. Melt the butter, add the tomato paste and bring to parboil. Adding the water and salt prepare the sauce. (The sauce must be at the right thickness of a dense soup.) Grill the meat on skewer. Cut the pitta in small squares and parboil them in hot butter. Put the strained yoghurt and pitta side by side on the plate. Pour the sauce over the pitta breads and put the grilled skewer on top of them. You may grill the pepper and serve alongside the meat. Bon appetit!