Gold And Silve Go To Gilamada

Very own product of Argos Vineyards, Gilamada returned from two international competitions with grand awards. While Gilamada Emir 2016 is the winner of Silver Medal in Decanter World Wine Awards, Gilamada Syrah 2015 is announced as the Golden Medal winner of CWSA 2018.

One of the birthplaces of wine production on earth, Cappadocia continues to impress the world with its quality wines. The local Gilamada wines produced on Argos Vineyards with special care has been the favorites of two recent international wine competitions.

Deemed as the guide for the global wine industry, the expert jury of Decanter World Wine Awards made a very careful evaluation for hundreds of wines from all over the world. Produced by Argos Vineyards with local variety Emir, Gilamada Emir 2016 became the winner of Silver Medal after a high standard judging process. With this global success, Gilamada took genuinely Anatolian Emir variety which is especially grown in Cappadocia region to the top of the world of wine.

Another great honor bestowed on Gilamada Syrah 2015. The 100 judges of CWSA (China Wine & Spirits Awards) coming from Hong Kong and China, blind tasted wines from 55 countries for the most prestigious and effective wine competition of the country. The jury gave the Gold Medal to Argos Vineyards’ Gilamada Syrah 2015. We are glad and proud to share the success of Anatolian wine making and Argos Vineyards.