Cappadocia: On the tip of your tongue

Located in the heart of Uçhisar Village in Cappadocia and overlooking Pigeon Valley with Mount Erciyes in the distance, the grand multi-tiered terraces (or “seki” as they are called in Turkish), formed by volcanic eruptions and the erosion of wind and water over thousands of years will mesmerize you... Welcome to Cappadocia! This is also where your palates will be tantalized with the rich flavors of the local fresh ingredients and innumerable wines that have played a major role in the history and legend of these lands for thousands of years.

Just like the natural formation of the multi-tiered terraces, the region’s flavors, pleasures and mystical atmosphere also rise tier by tier, sweeping you off your feet and taking you to totally different worlds.This is Cappadocia’s most natural and refined state of being. We invite you to come, explore and discover these exquisite pleasures for yourself at SEKI.