Argos Wines Recieve 9 Big Awards From 2 Big Contests

Our wines, produced from the grapes of Argos Vineyards returned with a total of 9 awards from two of the most prestigious wine competitions. Our Turasan Syrah Argos Vineyards 2013 brought the Golden Medal to Turkey this year!

The grapes we carefully grow in Argos vineyards are becoming medals at the top contests of the world of wine. Recognized as a global directory for wine, Decanter Wine Awards honored our Turasan Syrah Argos Vineyards 2013 with Gold Medal this year. Besides this great honor, Argos wines as well collected 2 silver and 1 bronze medals from the contest. Turasan Emir Argos Vineyards and Turasan Kalecik Karası Argos Vineyards 2013 received the Silver Medal while Turasan Syrah Argos Vineyards was awarded with Bronze Medal.

Known by its most meticulous selection process, the 34th International Wine Challenge delivered 5 awards for Argos wines. Turasan Kalecik Karası Argos Vineyards 2013 honored with the Silver Medal while our Turasan Emir Argos Vineyards 2015, Turasan Syrah Argos Vineyards 2013, Turasan Syrah Argos Vineyards 2014 and Turasan Kalecik Karası Argos Vineyards 2014 received the Commended award.

One of the most prestigious wine contests worldwide, Decanter has a jury of world renown wine experts and sommeliers. The wines are evaluated in regional categories followed by the confirmation of another jury for the gold and silver medal winners. Having a wide scope of events and publications, Decanter results influences the global wine sector each year.

International Wine Challenge, with its most scrutinizing selection process, evaluates each wine with blind tastings by at least ten different jury members and with tree different events. You are very welcome to taste our awarded wines at Seki Restaurant looking over the magnificent panorama of the Pigeon Valley.